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SCPT vs MCPT-difference between SCPT and MCPT techniques

This page on SCPT vs MCPT describes difference between SCPT and MCPT techniques. As we know satellite is used for wireless communication usually in C band and Ku band frequencies. The main application is to connect remote inaccessible areas for basic need of communication such as voice and data. Now-a-days even video and TV transmission also has become possible due to availability of high bandwidth modem and other supporting devices.

But satellite resource is limited and very scarse. Satellite has limited bandwidth of about 500 MHz in both the C band and Ku band. This total bandwidth of satellite is divided into smaller bandwidths. Each of this smaller bandwidths are used by one transponder each. Typically one transponder will have bandwidth of 36MHz.

Depending upon application demand of the bandwidth SCPT or MCPT is employed.

MCPT-Multiple Carrier Per Transponder

MCPT-Multiple Carrier Per Transponder

Usually in the places where bandwidth requirement is less, MCPT (Multiple Carrier Per Transponder) is employed. In this concept, 36 MHz bandwidth of satellite transponder is shared by number of earth stations at the same time using different non-overlap frequencies. This is possible with the concept referred as FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access). For example, 2.5 MHz is allocated to each of the Earth Stations. Refer FDMA vs TDMA vs CDMA for detailed description of FDMA, TDMA and CDMA multiple access techniques.

SCPT-Single Carrier Per Transponder

SCPT-Single Carrier Per Transponder

In the places requiring higher bandwidth of applications such as television transmission, SCPT is deployed. In SCPT, entire bandwidth of transponder (about 36MHz) is used by single Earth Station. This is used to uplink multiple TV stations data to be broadcasted or relayed. The satellite usually peaks up this high bandwidth signals and broadcasts the same to the larger area of the earth. This concept is referred as SCPT or Single Carrier Per Transponder.


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