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This page SCPC vs MCPC describes difference between SCPC and MCPC.It explains basics of SCPC and MCPC and mentions useful difference between terms.

Both of these terms are associated with satellite communication. The full form of SCPC is Single Channel Per Carrier and MCPC is Multiple Channels Per Carrier. In a VSAT system, SCPC is used where-in requirement of number of channels(voice/data) is limited or less and MCPC is used where-in number of channels required is more. The name corresponds to these different channel requirements. Multiplexer is needed to multiplex more channels before they are modulated by the satellite modem and converted to the RF frequency by RF upconverter/power amplifier.

Specifications SCPC MCPC
Full form Single Channel Per Carrier-single voice or data channel is modulated and transmitted over one RF carrier Multiple Channels Per Carrier-Mlutiple voice and/or data channels are multiplexed(using TDM),modulated and transmitted over one RF carrier
Transmission format Analog (voice channel) or Digital data (email,image/ text file) Analog (voice channel) or Digital data (email,image/ text file
Multiplexing Not provided FDM or TDM
Modulation technique FM or PSK(continuous/voice activated), voice activation is provided to save power when there is no voice activity FM or PSK
Carrier Bandwidth(BW) usage It can provide one connection and can use full bandwidth of transponder. It can have multiplexed many connections over single carrier which uses full bandwidth of transponder. It efficiently uses bandwidth of transponder.
Capacity(Per MHz of transponder bandwidth) more channels less to medium channels depends on data rate of a system(VSAT)
Application low data rate VSATs High data rate VSATs
Burst transmission Inefficient for such transmission. Ideal for burst transmission e.g. packet based data transmission.
Dedicated connection User pays for dedicated connection even if connection is not used. SCPC DAMA implementation avoids this situation. It does not need dedicated channel for each of the connection.
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