Robot vs Cobot | Difference between Robot and Cobot

This page compares Robot vs Cobot and mentions difference between Robot and Cobot. It mentions definitions of both robot and cobot and describe functions of each of them.

What is Robot?


• Definition: A machine which is capable of performing complex series of tasks as per predefined programs is known as robot. The program can be changed as and when required. The figure-1 depicts robots picking and placing heavy parts without any human intervention.
• Robots operate without any human interactions. Hence it utilizes benefits of full automation unlike cobots as described below.
• Industrial robots work in fully automated manufacturing lines which can handle applications that are not conductive to human beings at speed. Moreover it removes human operators from unsafe or unclean environments.
• Robots operate at much faster speed and with more accuracy than humans even with higher payloads.
• Robots require specialized human resources for programming and maintenance tasks.
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What is Cobot?


• Definition: The robot which is designed to share workspace with humans is known as cobot. The figure-2 depicts "cobots" picking up components and passing them to human workers.
• It is the short form of Collaborative robot.
• The cobots can not offer all the benefits of full automation unlike robots.
• Cobots work along with human beings. This utilizes benefits of both machines and humans with their coexistence in the manufacturing industries.
• Built-in safety mechanisms are incorporated in cobots in order to work with human workers.
• Cobots perform repetitive tasks e.g. palletizing, machine tending etc. while humans perform high value manual tasks.
• Cobots have limited reach, payload, speed and accuracy compare to industrial robots.

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