Radar Frequency Band | Common Radar Band

This page covers radar frequency bands. The common radar bands include H,VHF,UHF,L-Band,S-Band,C-Band,X-Band,Ku-Band,K-Band and Ka-Band. The applications and frequency ranges of these radar bands are mentioned in a table.

Table-Radar Bands

Radar Band Frequency Range Application specific to radar
HF 3-30MHz OTH Surveillance
VHF 30-300MHz Long range surveillance
UHF 300-1000MHz -As Above-
L-band 1-2GHz -As Above-
S-Band 2-4GHz Moderate Range Surveillance
C-Band 4-8GHz Long Range Tracking
X-Band 8-12GHz Short Range Tracking
Ku-Band 12-18GHz High resolution mapping
K-Band 18-27GHz Police and Traffic radar
Ka-Band 27-40GHz Police and High Resolution Mapping

Other Radio frequencies and Wireless Frequency Bands

Following are the radio frequencies and wireless frequency bands for technologies which include Zigbee, Satellite, LTE, UMTS, Bluetooth, WBAN, LoRA, LiFi, GSM, WiFi etc.
Zigbee Frequency Bands
Satellite Frequency Bands
LTE Frequency Bands
UMTS Frequency Bands
Bluetooth Frequencies
WBAN Frequency Bands
LoRa Frequency Bands
LiFi Wavelength Bands
GSM Frequencies
WiFi Radio Frequency Channels


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Radar calculators

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