RSCP vs Ec/No vs RSSI

This page on RSCP vs Ec/No vs RSSI covers difference between RSCP,Ec/No and RSSI with respect to WCDMA system.

Ec/No= RSCP / RSSI (dB)

Ec/No= 10 Log (CPICH Power/Total Transmit Power)

RSSI stands for received Signal Strength Indicator, measured in dBm.

RSCP stands for Received Signal code power measured in dbm, It is measured based on received CPICH, which is transmitted continuously by WCDMA base station(NodeB). It is considered as beacon carrier of the WCDMA base station similar to BCCH of the GSM base Station.

Ec/No stands for Energy per chip over the noise spectral density, it is the measure of the quality of the signal and calculated as mentioned in above equations for WCDMA system.

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