RS Encoder

In this article we will under understand RS encoder implementation with example. It is also called as Reed Solomon Encoder. It is one of the forward error correction techniques used in wireless communication systems. RS codes are systematic linear block code.

Let us understand RS Encoder with (N=255, K=239, T=8) specifications:
symbol length : m bits per symbol (8 bits)
Block length: N=2^m - 1 symbols (255 bytes)
Data length: K symbols (239 bytes)
size of check code: N-K = 2*t symbols (16 symbols)
Minimum distance: 2*t + 1 symbols

RS Encoder

As shown in the figure the RS encoder expands a block of K symbols to N symbols by adding N-K redundant symbols. Usually, m is power of 2 and popular value for m is 8.

RS Encoder are suited for burst error correction and is widely used in next generation wireless communication system such as wimax.

MATLAB code of RS Encoder

RS Encoder

VHDL code of Reed Solomon Encoder

RS encoder

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