RF Power Gain vs Power Loss

This page on RF power gain vs power loss describes difference between power gain and power loss. Both gain and loss are related to radio frequency amplification and attenuation respectively. When RF signal passes through the amplifier device it gets amplified and hence gain is achieved. When RF signal passes through the attenuating device(RF Attenuator,Power divider,coupler etc.) the signal gets attenuated and hence power loss to the signal happens.

Power Gain

Gain is the term mainly used in RF active circuits/networks.
Gain = Output/Input
Power Gain(dB) = 10 Log(Pout/Pin)

Power Loss

Loss is the term mainly used in lossy network e.g. passive network. Insertion loss = Input/Output
Power Insertion Loss(dB) = 10 Log (Pin/Pout)

Relation between Gain and Loss

Loss is reciprocal to the Gain and hence,
Loss = 1/Gain

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