RF filter Selection Guide | RF Filter specifications

This page covers RF filter selection guide and technical specifications. It mentions common rf filter specifications one need to consider while selecting or buying RF filter for their need.

RF Filter selection guide

Following guidelines should be followed while selecting RF filter as per your need.
➤Choose type of filter required for the application viz. Bandpass, Bandstop, Lowpass or Highpass.
➤Choose electrical specifications as mentioned below.
➤Choose mechanical specifications as mentioned below.
➤Choose filter type as per ripple requirements viz. Chebyshev, Butterworth, Bessel, Gaussian etc.
➤Choose form of the filter viz. waveguide, dielectric resonator, microstrip, cavity, inter-digital, BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave), SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), LC, LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) etc.
➤Choose popular vendor or manufacturer from Mini Circuits, StratEdge, Integrated Microwave, Synergy Microwave Corp., Bree Engineering, Wainwright Instruments GmbH, Lorch Microwave, Micro Lambda Wireless, Omniyig etc. Use online rf filter search tool provided on the respective manufacturer website to easy find one as per desired specifications.

Frequency Response of RF Filter types

RF Filter technical specifications

Following are the electrical parameters to be considered in RF filter selection.
• Frequency Range of operation
• Passband insertion loss
• Out-of-Band Rejection
• Bandwidth
• Return Loss or VSWR
• Power Handling capacity
• Shape Factor or Selectivity

Following are the mechanical parameters to be considered.
• Physical Size
• Package type
• Type of connectors and position

RF Filter Manufacturers or Vendors

Also refer RF filter manufacturers>> to select the right RF filter from numerous options.

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