RF switch types-Electro-mechanical, solid state, PIN diode, FET, Hybrid

This page describes basics of RF switch types. There are two main types of RF switches viz. Electro-mechanical rf switch and Solid State rf switch. The solid states are further categorized into PIN diode, FET and Hybrid types.

Based on components used in its construction RF switches are of two main types.
• Electro-mechanical: It uses mechanical contacts for its operation.
• Solid state (PIN diode, FET, Hybrid): It uses solid state devices such as silicon diodes, GaAs FETs or PIN diodes etc. for its operation.
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RF Switch Types

Based on topologies, RF switches are of two main types.
• Multiplexers e.g. 4x1, 8x1 etc.
• Relays e.g. SPST, SPDT, SP3T etc.

Following parameters or features are compared in order to select the appropriate RF switch for desired application. This is shown in the following table-1.

Features of RF Switch Types

Based on switch architecture, there are two types of RF switches viz. absorptive and reflective.
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Based on mechanical layout, there are two types viz. connectorized and drop-in switch modules.

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Difference between RF SWITCH types

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