Public Safety Frequencies | Public Safety Radio Bands USA

This page mentions Public Safety Frequencies used in USA for security. The page covers both narrowband and broadband public safety frequencies.

Public Safety Frequencies

Public Safety Frequencies
25 to 50MHz
150 to 162MHz
173.2 to 173.4MHz
220 to 222MHz
450 to 470MHz
470 to 512MHz
764 to 776MHz
794 to 806 MHz
806 to 821 MHz
821 to 824 MHz
851 to 866 MHz
866 to 869 MHz

Narrowband and Broadband Public Safety Frequencies

Following table-1 mentions narrowband and broadband Public Safety Frequencies. The bands are used in IMT standard. It delivers data rate of 384Kbps. It supports range from of 503m or 1523m.


Other Radio frequencies and Wireless Frequency Bands

Following are the radio frequencies and wireless frequency bands for technologies which include Zigbee, Satellite, LTE, UMTS, Bluetooth, WBAN, LoRA, LiFi, GSM, WiFi etc.
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