PNP Sensor Vs NPN Sensor-Difference between PNP Sensor,NPN Sensor

This page compares PNP Sensor vs NPN Sensor and mentions difference between PNP Sensor and NPN Sensor types. It also mentions PNP 3-wire diagram and NPN 3-wire diagram of these sensors.

PNP Sensor and its 3 wire diagram

PNP Sensor 3 wire diagram

• This sensor source its positive power to the output. Hence it is known as "Sourcing sensor".
• The figure-1 depicts 3-wire diagram of PNP sensor.
• "Load" refers to device to which the sensor delivers power. Load could be lamp, relay, pneumatic valve, PLC input etc.

NPN Sensor and its 3 wire diagram

NPN Sensor 3 wire diagram

• This sensor sinks its ground to the output. Hence it is known as "sinking sensor".
• The figure-2 depicts 3-wire diagram of NPN sensor.

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