PMR vs Cellular | difference between PMR and Cellular

This page on PMR vs Cellular describes basics of PMR and Cellular technologies. The difference between various terms are also provided here.

As We know PMR stands for Private Mobile Radio System. In this type of concept, wide range of users will have their own dedicated radio systems. In United States it is known as SMR and in the United Kingdom it is known as PBR.

PMR-Private Mobile Radio

In PMR radio system, individual users provide their own radio network infrastructure. There will be unique mobile sets and infrastructure to support PMR mode of operation. Refer PMR radio frequency channels.

Following are the silent features of PMR system:
• Supports data rate in the range from 500 bps to 4 Kbps.
• Works in VHF and UHF frequency bands.
• It covers distance of 10-12 Km.
• It transmits data over the voice channel.

Cellular technologies

As we know cellular refers to way of communication in which region is divided into small cells and base stations are installed in each of these cells. These base stations are used to assign resources (time, frequency and codes) to the mobile users. These mobile users communicate via base station i.e. call flow happens through base station.

There are various cellular technologies which include GSM, CDMA, LTE etc. These technologies have been developed based on different frequency, bandwidth and data rate requirements. Refer cellular tutorial which covers cellular architecture, access techniques, coverage expansion, cellular handover basics and next generation wireless technologies used in cellular network.

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