PMP Formula for PMP Exam

This page covers PMP formulas very useful to crack the PMP Exam and obtain the PMP certification. It covers activity duration,CV,SV,NPV,FV,PV,CPI,SPI,ETC,EAC,VAC,TCPI,activity float,sigma etc.

Payback period
PMP formula For example, If the investment in some business startup is about 2 Lakh and cash inflow per quarter is about 25K, Then payback period is 2 years as per payback period formula mentioned.

NPV-Net Present Value
BCR-Benefit to Cost Ratio
IRR- Internal Rate of Return
PV-Present Value
FV-Future Value

If there will be two project scenarios mentioned with two different values of NPV (or BCR or IRR), then choose the project with the higher NPV (or BCR or IRR).

Estimate activity duration formulas (Project Time Management)
Activity duration = (P+4M+O)/6
Standard Deviation = (P-O)/6
Variance = (P-O/6)2

Cost and Schedule related formulas
PV- Planned Value, also referred as Budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS)
EV- Earned Value, also referred as Budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP)
AC- Actual Cost, also referred as Actual cost of work performed (ACWP)

Schedule Variance (SV) = EV-PV
Cost Variance (CV) = EV-AC
Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = EV/PV
Cost Performance Index (CPI) = EV/AC
SV% = SV/PV x 100
CV%= CV/EV x 100

ETC (Estimate to Complete) the balance work = BAC-EV
ETC = BAC-EV /CPI , here BAC is Budget at Completion
Estimate at completion (EAC) of the total work

Estimated Variance at completion on completing total work

VAC%= (VAC/BAC) x 100
TCPI (To complete Performance Index) for completing balance work

TCPI= (BAC-EV)/(BAC-AC)x 100
= (BAC-EV)/(EAC-AC) x 100

Time estimation - Precedence diagram method for schedule estimation

ES-Early Start , EF-Early Finish, LS- Late Start, LF- Late Finish, D-Duration

PMP formula Activity EF = ES +D -1
LS= LF-D+1
Activity Duration= EF-ES or LF-LS
Activity Float= LS-ES or LF-EF

Estimated project completion date= project completion date/SPI
Communication management

Lines of communication = N x (N-1) / 2
Where is N is number of people
Quality formulas

1 sigma = 68.26%
2 sigma = 95.46%
3 sigma = 99.73%
6 sigma = 99.99985%
Risk Management

EMV (Expected Monetary Value)

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