PAMA versus DAMA versus RMA

This page on PAMA versus DAMA versus RMA provides difference between PAMA,DAMA and RMA satellite resource sharing or assignment techniques. This page describes various multiple access techniques to make use of common satellite resources by multiple VSATs/Earth Stations.

PAMA stands for Pre Assigned Multiple Access DAMA stands for Demand Assigned Multiple Access RMA stands for Random Multiple Access
Resource assignment is initially planned and carried as per that Resource assignment is done at the time of request from subscribers/users via NOC(Network Operation Center) Not needed
Assignment can be hold for long duration usually months/years Assignment can be upto the duration of the call(conversation) or data burst Connectivity exists during the burst/packet
Long term exclusive assignment of resource usually in time/frequency/code Temporary exclusive assignment of resource usually in time/frequency/code Resource assignment is on shared basis(contention basis)
Similar to leased line used in a terrestrial telephone network Similar to dialup line used in a terrestrial telephone network Similar to private communication exchange network used for telephone application
Example: INSAT FDMA for TV/Radio Network Example: INMARSAT space system Example: ALOHA based data collection terminal systems
PAMA concept is used in AM/FM/TV application DAMA concept is used in mobile telephone applications in GSM/CDMA networks RMA concept is used in private communication/amateur radio
• The merit of PAMA network is low earth station costs
and control over backoff,
• wastage of resources if not occupied by users.
• Not economical as need to pay even if service is not utilized
• The merit of DAMA network is efficient
use of resources as they are allocated till the duration of call.
• Economical as need to pay based on usage
The merit is that earth station equipments is very small in RMA based network
Demerit: PAMA is not flexible to actual traffic conditions and hence it is not resource efficient Demerit: In DAMA, more complex system is used at earth station side as entire network operation is carried by control station Demerit is that here there is no control over users, Interference/collision/blocking may occur in RMA network


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