Neul vs Nwave vs Sigfox-difference between Neul, Nwave, Sigfox

This page compares Neul vs Nwave vs Sigfox and mentions difference between Neul, Nwave and Sigfox IoT wireless technologies.

All the three are Low Power Wide Area Networks used in IoT (Internet of Things). They are used for low data rate communication unlike cellular networks uses for making calls and browsing internet. Cellular networks are mostly used in urban environments using radio spectrum which is purchased from telecom regulators.

What is Neul?

Neulnet based networks use license exempt UHF frequencies to provide wide area coverage through trees and foliage into the buildings. They cover 10 km range larger cells.

The NeulNet based wireless technology is used as rural broadband and private network backhaul. All the weightless enabled devices can also be for internet of things (IoT).

What is Nwave?

The Nwave technology uses UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) along with SDR techniques to deliver communication network for IoT.

The Nwave networks operate in internationally available as well as unlicensed sub-1GHz bands. It allows deep signal propagation with little power consumption.

The network co-exist with other radio networks without any issues. They can use mesh/star topologies. The networks are scalable. In Star architecture devices can communicate directly with Base Station. The network is secure and hence user data are protected.

What is Sigfox?

• The Sigfox is the name of the french company which designs and developes wireless networks for low data rate communication.
• Sigfox employs proprietary WAN which enables communication in ISM band.
• It supports limited bi-directional communication.
• Refer SIGFOX Tutorial >>.

Specifications Neul NWave Sigfox
Coverage range Up to 10 Km Up to 10 Km Up to 10 Km (Urban)
About 30 to 50 Km (Rural)
Frequency Band ISM or whitespace Sub GHz 868 MHz (Europe) /915 MHz (USA)
Data Rate 10 to 100 Kbps 100 bps 10 to 1000 bps
Fully bi-directional Yes No No
Operational model - Public or Private Public
Standard Weightless Weightless ETSI GS LTN 001, 002, 003 (Low Throughput Networks)

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