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NMOS vs PMOS | difference between NMOS and PMOS types

This page on NMOS vs PMOS MOSFET mentions basic difference between NMOS and PMOS type of MOSFETs.

Figure depicts N-channel MOSFET (NMOS) and P-channel MOSFET (PMOS). Following are the comparison factors between the two.

MOSFET-NMOS symbol vs PMOS symbol

• P-channel is much easier and cheaper to produce compare to N-channel MOSFET device.

• The N-channel MOSFET has high packing density. This makes it faster for switching applications due to smaller junction areas and low inherent capacitances.

• N-channel MOSFET is smaller for same complexity compare to P-channel MOSFET.

• Drain resistance of P-channel MOSFET is 3 times higher than identical N-channel MOSFET device.

• N-channel MOSFET has high false turn-on possibility compare to P-channel device. This is due to positively charged contaminants.

• For given drain current rating, P-channel MOSFET occupies larger area compare to N-channel MOSFET. This is due to the fact that electron mobility is 2.5 times than mobility of hole.

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