NB-Fi vs LPWAN | Difference between NB-Fi and LPWAN

This page compares NB-Fi vs LPWAN and mentions difference between NB-Fi and other LPWAN technologies.

NB-Fi is one of the LPWAN technologies. The table below mentions comparison between NB-Fi and other LPWAN wireless technologies.

Specifications NB-Fi LPWAN
Spectrum efficiency Higher Lower
Channels in 50 KHz (500 KHz) 1024 (0) 10240 (4)
Link budget -174 dBm -161 dBm
Gateway capacity 20 Lakh + devices 2.5 Lakh devices
Preamble sequence size 4 bytes 10 to 100 bytes
Battery efficiency Higher Lower
Transceiver cost $5 $8

Reference : http://nb-fi.org/en/

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