Microsoft office 365 vs Microsoft office 2010-Difference between Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft office 2010

This page compares Microsoft office 365 vs Microsoft office 2010 and mentions difference between Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft office 2010.

Microsoft office 365

Microsoft office 365

Following are the features or benefits of Microsoft office 365.
• Reduce risk with cloud computing
• Shift the burdun of maintenance of your office servers on microsoft hosting servers
• No VPN required and hence connect from anywhere
• Properly synched mobile devices with calender contacts
• New security policies
• MS office can be installed on mobile devices
• Valuable software available e.g. sharepoint, Lync, skydrive links are available in Microsoft office 365.
• Recurring monthly cost
• Larger mailbox storage
• No more microsoft licencing upgrade needed in office 365.

Microsoft office 2010

Microsoft office 2010

Following are the features or benefits of Microsoft office 2010. • One can upload and save docuements directly to windows live skydrive. With SKydrive account user gets 25B of online storage which can be accessed from anywhere.
• Easy to insert any website video or youtube video in the presentation.
• Better options available in outlook such as "send and archieve", "send and delete" .
• All the programs in microsoft office 2010 has feature called "PDF Writer" which helps create PDF files easily.
• Changes have been made to the dialog box in Office 2010 for printing the document.
• Live presentation using powerpoint which can be viewed using web browser from any where in the world.
• Video editing is possible in power point 2010 available in office 2010.
• Using power point of office 2010, presentation file can be converted into video file formats which can be easily uploaded to youtube.
•  Screen capture feature is available in programs of office 2010.
•  Outlook 2010 provides display of relevant information(e.g. picture, mail trail, meeting schedule etc.) when someone opens email message.

Microsoft Office 2010 includes following programs.
• Word 2010• Sharepoint Workspace 2010• Publisher 2010• Powerpoint 2010 • Outlook 2010• OneNote 2010• Office Web Apps• Office Mobile 2010•  Office 2010 suite• InfoPath 2010• Excel 2010• Access 2010.

Conclusion: This difference between Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft office 2010 will help one understand great benefits of Microsoft office 365 over office 2010. Hence Office 365 has become very popular across the globe.


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