MMIC fabrication techniques

Monolithic Microwave Integrated Techniques i.e. MMIC is integrated circuit in which all the active and passive elements or components and connections between them are formed and processed simultaneously on a single substrate by some deposition technique as mentioned below. The MMIC fabrication techniques are diffusion,ion implantation, epitaxial growth,lithography,photo etching and deposition. MMIC fabrication involves choice of dielectric substrate material and fabrication process.

Substrate material for MMIC can be chosen among following categories.

substrate materials for mounting electronic devices,conductor material to print the pattern and for ground plane,dielectric material for capacitor and blockers and resistive material for bias networks,attenuators and terminations.Following are the materials in each of these categories.

• Alumina,ferrite,GaAs,Sapphire for substrate
• Aluminium,copper,gold,silver for conductor
•  SiO,Si3N4,Al2O3,Ta2O5 and SiO2 for dielectric
•  Cr,NiCr,Ta and Ti for resistive material

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