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Difference between MEMS Oscillator and Crystal Oscillator | MEMS Oscillator vs Crystal Oscillator

This page compares MEMS Oscillator vs Crystal Oscillator and mentions difference between MEMS Oscillator and Crystal Oscillator. We will take Si-MEMS Oscillator for comparison with Crystal oscillator.

MEMS Oscillator

MEMS Oscillator structure

The figure-1 depicts SI based MEMS oscillator structure. It uses silicon resonator as source of oscillation. It uses PLL circuit in order to correct the frequency mismatches produced due to tolerences while manufacturing as well as temperature drift. This is referred as frequency calibration also.

Crystal Oscillator

crystal oscillator structure

The figure-2 depicts crystal oscillator structure. As shown it uses simple oscillator circuit with quartz crystal operating in fundamental mode.

Following table mentions difference between Crystal Oscillator and MEMS Oscillator.

Specifications Crystal Oscillator MEMS Oscillator
Structure Simple complex (resonator, PLL, temperature compensation part, calibration)
Phase Jitter (ps) Lower Higher
Power Consumption (mA) Lower Higher
Oscillator start up time Low High
Frequency stability No frequency jumps; less variation Frequency jumps; more variation

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