LoRaWAN device profile and LoRaWAN service profile

This page describes list of LoRaWAN profiles. It mentions LoRaWAN device profile, LoRaWAN service profile and routing profile.

LoRaWAN device Profile

Device profile mentions LoRaWAN end device capabilities and boot parameters required for Network server to setup radio access service. Following table-1 mentions LoRaWAN device profile.

LoRaWAN device profile

In the table "M" indicates "Mandatory to include" and "O" indicates "Optional to include".

LoRaWAN Service Profile

The service profile include service parameters which are required by Network Server to setup LoRaWAN radio access service and to interact with Application Server. Following table-2 mentions LoRaWAN service profile.

LoRaWAN service profile

LoRaWAN Routing Profile

It includes information which are required by Network server to set up data plane with the Application Server. Following table-3 mentions IEs (Information elements) in LoRaWAN routing profile.

LoRaWAN routing profile

Reference: LoRaWANTM Backend Interfaces 1.0 3 Specification Download from www.lora-alliance.org website.

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