What is LoRa wireless?

This page covers LoRa wireless technology. This page of RF Wireless World covers LoRa wireless basics used in M2M and IoT(Internet of Things).

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LoRa stands for Long Range Radio. It is the wireless technology mainly targetted for M2M and IoT networks. This technology will enable public or multi tenant networks to connect multiple applications running in the same network. This LoRa technology will fulfill to develop smart city with the help of LoRa sensors and automated products/applications.

LoRa Alliance formed to standardize LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) for M2M/IoT. The prospective members in this alliance are Actility, Cisco, Bouygues Telecom, Proximus, SingTel, Semtech, Swisscom, IBM, SingTel, KPN etc. The LoRa Alliance will drive global success of LoRa Protocol i.e. LORA WAN.

LoRa wireless technology basics in M2M and IoT

Following table summarizes key features of the LoRa wireless technology such as range, standard, modulation scheme, capacity, physical layer etc.

Specification/feature LoRa Support
Range 2-5 Km in dense urban and 15 Km in suburban areas
Frequency band ISM band 868 MHz and 915 MHz
Standard IEEE 802.15.4g
Modulation spread spectrum modulation type is used which uses wide-band linear FM pulses. The frequency increase or frequency decrease over certain period is used to encode data information to be transmitted. It gives 30dB improvement over FSK.
Capacity One LoRa gateway takes care of thousands of nodes.
Battery Longer battery life
LoRa Physical layer Takes care of frequency, power, modulation, signalling between nodes and gateway

LoRa Network

Figure depicts LoRa network. It consists of two main entities such as Sensors (or nodes) and LoRa Gateway(or LoRa base station).
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LoRa Products and LoRa device testing

Semtech corporation is leader in LoRa wireless technology based products. LoRa has introduced SX127x family of RF Transceivers for supporting LoRa technology for emerging M2M/IoT market. These transceivers operate in 860-1000 MHz and 137-960 MHz range. They have also introduced concentrator in the 860-1000 MHz frequency range.

Semtech also offers LoRa device evaluation and testing devices for 868 MHz band. LoRa base station is also developed by them. Moreover SemTech corporation has developed LoRa development kit useful for the LoRa development/manufacturing companies.

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