LiFi Dongle | LiFi Transceiver | Block diagram and Working

The page describes working of LiFi transceiver used in Lifi dongle. The LiFi transceiver or LiFi dongle is used to browse LiFi internet. It mentions internal block diagram of LiFi Transceiver or LiFi dongle.

Working of LiFi internet using LiFi Dongle

Li-Fi internet architecture

The figure-1 depicts complete block diagram of LiFi Internet system. As shown it consists of broadband internet connection and LED lamps along with LiFi dongles placed in LOS of the position where internet is required. LiFi dongle consists of photo detector at the input and LED diode at the output with amplification/processing module in the middle. The LiFi dongle with ethernet connectivity is shown in the figure-2. It is also known by the name "LiFi Transceiver".
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LiFi Dongle or LiFi Transceiver Block Diagram

LiFi Transceiver based LiFi dongle

The LiFi Transceiver is the device which transmits and receives internet data based on light as the carrier of the medium.

The device shown converts ethernet frame to the compliant OFDM frame which is transmitted and received using appropriate diodes. Si-PIN photodiode is used at the receive part while LED is used at the transmit part.

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