Lead Acid Cell vs Nickel Iron Cell-Difference between Lead Acid Cell and Nickel Iron Cell

This page on Lead Acid Cell vs Nickel Iron Cell describes difference between Lead Acid Cell and Nickel Iron Cell.

Specifications Lead Acid Cell Nickel Iron Cell
Active material
1. positive plate
2. Negetive Plate
3. Electeolyte

1. Lead Peroxide
2. Spongy Lead(Pb)
3. Dilute H2SO4
1. Ni(OH)4
2. Fe
3. KOH
Average e.m.f 2.0 volt/cell 1.2 volt/cell
Charging Voltage About 2.5 volts/cell About 1.7 volts/cell
1. Ampere-Hour
2. Watt-Hour
1. 85-90%
2. 70-80%
1. 75-80%
2. 60-65%
Internal Resistance Comparatively low 5 Times that of lead acid cell
Cost Low Initial Cost High
Life and discharges About 1200 Charges About 5 years
Mechanical Strenght Less More
Rate of charge or discharge Low High
Discharge Period Comparatively smaller larger


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