LTE Advanced Gain | LTE Advanced technology gain

This page covers LTE Advanced technology gain for different features in tabular form. The gain refers to boost in the signal power level.
Refer RF Power Gain definition.

Feature Gain
Adaptive MMSE Channel Estimation It mitigates loss of about 10dB for high mobility applications.
Interference cancellation (LMS or MMSE or SIC or turbo SIC) upto 9 dB
Power control and adaptive FFR upto 10 dB in SINR
MIMO (support for STTD, SFBC, SM, CDD MIMO, adaptive SIMO, MU-MIMO) 3 to 6 dB
CoMP 3 to 6 dB
Beamforming and Interference suppression upto 10dB
Relay nodes 3 to 6 dB
Adaptive scheduling and cognitive radio upto 5dB

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