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LM741 vs LM324 | Difference between LM741 and LM324 Op Amp

This page compares LM741 Op Amp vs LM324 Op Amp and mentions difference between LM741 and LM324 Op Amps.

LM741 Op Amp

LM741 Pin Diagram

The figure-1 depicts LM741 Op Amp IC pin diagram. Following are the features of this LM741 Op Amp:
It is used for wide variety of applications viz. comparators, multivibrators, amplifiers, integrators, differentiators, active filters etc.

In general, output is given by,
Vo=Ao X (V2-V1),
Where, Ao is the open loop voltage gain.

Following are the generic properties of 741 Op-Amp.
• Number of channels: 1
• Slew Rate: 0.5 V/µs
• Input Offset voltage (Max.) : 5 (mV) at TA = 25 degreeC
• Output short circuit current : 25 mA
• CMRR (dB) : 95 (max.)

op-amp,operational amplifier

Refer application note on 741 Op Amp applications >> and Operational amplifier basics which covers properties of Op-Amp and working of Op-Amp.

LM324 Op Amp

LM324 Pin Diagram

The figure-1 depicts LM324 Op Amp IC pin diagram. Following are the features of this LM324 Op Amp:
• As shown it is Quadruple Operational Amplifier. One single IC provides functionalities of four LM 741 ICs.
• It is 14 pin IC with 4 differential pairs (i.e. 8 inputs) and 4 outputs. The figure-2 depicts VCC and GND pins.
• Number of channels: 4
• GBW (MHz): 1
• Slew Rate: 0.5 V/µs
• Offset voltage (Max.) : 7 (mV)
• Output current : 20 mA
• Offset Drift (µV/C) : 7
• CMRR (dB) : 85
• Vn at 1 KHz (nV/rtHz): 40
• Architecture: Bipolar
• IIB (max) (pA) : 100000

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