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LAU vs RAU vs TAU | Difference between LAU, RAU and TAU

This page on LAU vs RAU vs TAU covers difference between LAU, RAU and TAU. Multimode UE uses these procedures in GERAN, UTRAN and EUTRAN networks.

Multimode UE supports multiple networks with features of GSM, UMTS and LTE. These update procedures are initiated when GERAN, UTRAN and EUTRAN are converged using Gn interfaces.

LAU-Location Area Update

UE initiates LAU procedure when it detects new location area while on roaming. This happens in GSM when mobile device is moverd from one location area to the other. GSM compliant mobile is responsible to detect location area code. When mobile detects location area different than the one in the last update, it sends out location area update request to the GSM network(i.e. GERAN).

RAU-Routing Area Update

UE initiates RAU procedure when it detects new routing area while on roaming.

TAU-Tracking Area Update

UE initiates TAU procedure when it detects new tracking area while on roaming.

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