INSTEON vs z-wave-difference between INSTEON and z-wave

This page covers basic comparison between INSTEON and z-wave technologies. It covers difference between INSTEON and z-wave technologies.

About Z-wave: It is basically a routed radio based network owned by Sigma Designs, Inc. They have purchased the technology from Zensys which is the originator of z-wave. It routes the messages based on SRA(Source Routing Algorithm). As per this algorithm, source of the message should know other devices and their connectivity in the network. Z-wave technology is developed to take care of few nodes(about 232 max.). Manufacturers recommend number of nodes to be between 30 to 50. Z-wave messages are variable in size and with payload size of about 4 to 6 bytes. Z-wave supports various frequenct bands across different countries below 1GHz.

About INSTEON: As mentioned it is a dual mesh network which uses both radio and powerline to support each of these features. INSTEON does not require routing protocol for transmission of message from one node or device to the other. It simulcasts them in precise and synchronized time slots.

Following table mentions difference between INSTEON and z-wave technologies.

Specifications INSTEON z-wave
Medium type Supports powerline and radio Supports only radio
Device types All are peer devices Z-Wave has network controllers and slaves
Network Enrollment requires no separate network enrollment step It is part of installation procedure
Network topology Full mesh, message propagation is done using simulcasting repeaters Routed mesh, message propagation is done using routing tables
Data rate 38400 bps (instantaneous) 9600 bps (instantaneous) ,40kbps and 100kbps
RF modulation FSM in ISM band FSK(for 9.6 and 40 kbps) and GFSK(for 100kbps rate) supported
Powerline support Yes No
Addressing 24bit pre-assigned module ID, supports 16777216 devices in a network 32 bit HomeID, 8 bit NodeID, supports 232 devices per network
Message length 15 or 33 bytes variable in size
X10 standard compatibility Yes No

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