ISDN, DSL, MMDS, LMDS-Difference between ISDN, DSL, MMDS, LMDS

This page compares ISDN, DSL, MMDS, LMDS and describes difference between ISDN, DSL, MMDS and LMDS. It mentions links to ISDN tutorial, DSL, MMDS and LMDS for further study.

Specifications ISDN DSL MMDS LMDS
Full form Integrated Digital Services Network Digital Subscriber Line Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service Local Multipoint distribution service
Data rate 128 kbps 1 to 6 Mbps upto 2 Mbps
132 MHz ITFS
upto 10 Mbps
1 to 100 MHz(A), 150 MHz (B)
Capacity High, near CO (Central Office) High, near CO Medium, 50 to 100 Km High, 2 to 8 Km
Cost Higher Higher Low to very low Medium
Installation Time Medium Medium Low Low

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