IM vs SMS | Difference between IM and SMS

This page compares IM vs SMS and mentions difference between IM and SMS. Both of these are common methods to exchange/transmit messages between the devices.

Specifications IM SMS
Full form Instant Messaging Short Messaging Service
Application of use SMS concept is used in mobile phones and tablets to transmit short messages. IM is used in personal desktop computers for instant message transfer between two parties.
Backbone SMS technology utilizes telecom towers in order to provide service. IM technology utilizes internet infrastructure.
Limit on usage of number of characters SMS has number of characters limit per message. IM does not have any limit on number of characters.
Charges SMS can be charged as per charging rules of the telecom companies. IM service is free and can be available where user has internet facility.
Coverage Often it is limited to the country where mobile is registered to avail telecom service. This can be extended provided user has facility to transmit SMS across countries. Both Local SMS and international SMS are charged differently as per respective charges. IM does not have any such limitation and it can be exchanged between any two countries.

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