IGRP vs EIGRP | difference between IGRP and EIGRP

This page on IGRP vs EIGRP describes basic difference between IGRP and EIGRP routing protocol types.

Its full form is Interior Gateway Routing Protocol Its full form is Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
It is a distance vector protocol. It is derived from Integrated Gateway Routing Protocol.
The metrics used are bandwidth, load, delay, MTU and reliability The metrics used are bandwidth, delay, load and reliability
IGRP uses the distance vector algorithm to calculate the best path and the variance mechanism to support unequal cost & load balancing. EIGRP uses diffusing update algorithm to calculate the best path.
IGRP does not support areas or tables, but supports multi-part routing. Routing with EIGRP protocol is done using neighbor tables, topology tables and routing tables
Maximum hop count for IGRP routed packets is 255. Default is 100. Maximum hop count is 255.

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