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HLR vs VLR | difference between HLR and VLR

This page on HLR vs VLR mentions difference between HLR and VLR terms used in GSM system architecture.

As we know GSM network architecture consists of three parts viz. Mobile Station, Base Station Subsystem and network subsystem (NSS) (or operational subsystem(OSS) ). Both HLR and VLR are associated with OSS or NSS. Both HLR and VLR makes it possible to achieve international roaming.

HLR-Home Location Register

HLR is the permanent database which houses all the subscription information of the subscribers. This will help MSC to establish the calls immediately whether it will be outgoing calls or incoming calls. This database is parmanent till subscriber is associated with the telecom service operator or provider.

gsm network architecture

VLR-Visitor Location Register

This data base is temporary and is assigned by the visiting GSM network subsystem to the mobile subscriber while on roam or on travel.

It is VLR who assigns TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) to the mobile user. https://www.rfwireless-world.com/Terminology/IMEI-vs-IMSI-vs-TMSI.html

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