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GSM MS Power Class

This page describes GSM Mobile Station(MS) power classes which include class-1 to class-5.

GSM MS Power class Nominal Max.power(output)
GSM-400, GSM-900, GSM-850
Nominal Max.power(output)
Nominal Max.power(output)
Class-1 20W (43 dBm) 1W (30 dBm) 1 W(30 dBm)
Class-2 8W (39 dBm) 0.25W (24 dBm) 0.25W (24 dBm)
Class-3 5W (37 dBm) 4W (36 dBm) 2W (33 dBm)
Class-4 2W (33 dBm)
Class-5 0.8W (29 dBm)


GSM BTS Transceiver power class

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