GSM ARFCN to frequency calculator | ARFCN to frequency conversion

This page GSM ARFCN to frequency conversion provides GSM ARFCN to frequency calculator. It mentions formula or equation used for GSM ARFCN to frequency calculation. The table below mentions GSM ARFCN, downlink frequency equation and corresponding uplink frequency equation for various GSM frequency bands viz. GSM 450, GSM 480, GSM 750,GSM 850,GSM 900(P-GSM,E-GSM,GSM-R),DCS 1800 and PCS 1900.

In GSM, ARFCN stands for Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number. It is basically number to represent the pair frequencies in the downlink and also in the uplink.

GSM Band ARFCN(N) Uplink Frequency equation(FUL) Downlink Frequency equation
GSM 450 259-293 450.6 + 0.2*(N-259) FUL(N) + 10
GSM 480 306-340 479+0.2*(N-306) FUL(N) + 10
GSM 750 438-511 747.2 + 0.2*(N-438) FUL(N) + 30
GSM 850 128-251 824.2+0.2*(N-128) FUL(N) + 45
P-GSM 1-124 890+0.2*N FUL(N) + 45
E-GSM 975-1023 890+0.2*(N-1024) FUL(N) + 45
GSM-R 955-1023 890+0.2*(N-1024) FUL(N) + 45
DCS 1800 512-885 1710.2+0.2*(N-512) FUL(N) + 95
PCS 1900 512-810 1850.2 + 0.2*(N-512) FUL(N) + 80

GSM ARFCN to Frequency Calculator

Following is the GSM ARFCN to Frequency calculator. Change the ARFCN value and click on "CALCULATE" button to get the corresponding UL and DL frequencies.

GSM   ARFCN            (input):

GSM UL Freq MHz (Output1):

GSM DL Freq MHz (Output2):

EXAMPLE: GSM ARFCN to frequency calculator:
Input: GSM ARFCN = 150
Outputs: GSM Uplink Frequency = 828.6 MHz,
GSM Downlink Frequency = 873.6 MHz


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