FEM Simulation for EM analysis

In this method geometric object which need to be simulated for electromagnetic analysis has to be discritize first. Each part of this discritized structure is known as finite element. This FEM simulation is a frequency domain technique and used for geometric and material handling of closed structures.

It requires meshing of the entire structure and also ABC boundary in order to perform EM analysis. The unknown parameters are determined over each mesh as sum of the functions. It is complex to perform simulations in the case of larger structures due to complex mesh and larger matrices requiring bigger size memories.

There are many advantages due to which FEM simulation is widely used in high frequency antenna design and simulation. Following are few of them.
•  Ideal for analysis of RF filters, cavities and resonator circuits.
•  Produce good theoretical results for geometries having larger ports which will match to actual results.
•  Suitable for high quality factor (Q) based RF circuits.

FEM based solvers for EM simulation

•  Computer Simulation Technology Microwave Studio (CST MW)


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