Ethernet over copper(EoC)

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Ethernet is widely used throughout the world for data communication as well as backbone infrastructure for internet. Ethernet can operate over copper, wireless media and fiber optic links. IEEE has approved a standard referred as Ethernet over Copper in the year 2004 with speed of 10Mbps.

This version of Ethernet technology uses existing twisted pair of copper telephone line in the form of first mile connection. This concept requires dry copper cabling from CO (Central Office) to customer premises and no other services to be carried over this connection.

A physical layer for Ethernet over copper (EoC) is different than traditional Ethernet networks. The function of physical layer is to provide reliable data communication from source to the destination. Typical physical layer converts data into the form suitable for transmission, provides forward error correction so that data corrupted can be corrected at the destination and so on. The two physical layers standardized by IEEE are 2 BASE -TL and 10 PASS -TS. These physical layers are specified in IEEE 802.3-2008 mainly for long distance and short distance full duplex point to point voice quality copper link.

Ethernet Over Copper

Figure depicts Ethernet over copper network. As shown in the figure adapters are needed at customer premises to interface telephone line with the Ethernet compliant devices such as routers, switches etc. This EoC connection cannot be directly interfaced with said Ethernet devices. These adapters basically designed with physical layer specifications developed by IEEE as mentioned.


The Ethernet over copper works on the existing twisted pair telephone wires and does not require to install any extra wiring. Hence it is affordable as per operator and user point of view.


In the developed countries such as Asia and Africa cost of laying fiber is cheaper compare to copper. This is due to higher prices of copper compare to fiber. Hence Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet using fiber link to homes and business establishments is the ideal choice compare to Ethernet over copper.


What is Gigabit Ethernet


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