ESD Protection Diode basics | ESD Diode working, vendors

This page describes function of ESD protection diode. It mentions ESD diode basics, working operation and ESD protection diode vendors.

ESD diode symbols

The figure-1 depicts ESD diode symbols.

ESD diode DC characteristic

The figure-2 depicts ESD diode DC characteristic. It has characteristic similar to zener diode with voltage snap back in order to protect against ESD hits. It has higher avalanche voltage, lower leakage and lower capacitance to avoid signal attenuation.

Under normal condition, it acts as regular zener diode. When voltage exceeds certain trigger value, its characteristic will snapback. This allows same or high value of current at low voltage. The ESD diode stays in this snapback mode till minimum current/voltage is being maintained. The device goes to normal mode abruptly when voltage/current falls below the holding voltage/holding current and will conduct very small leakage current only.

ESD protection diode vendors

Following are the vendors of ESD protection diode:
• Infineon
• ON Semiconductor
• TI
• Vishay
• Littelfuse

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