Difference between soft handover and softer handover

This page on soft handover vs softer handover describes difference between soft handover and softer handover.These types are used when RRC layer is in the cell DCH state.

Soft and Softer handover types are used when RRC layer is in the cell DCH state. Here multiple radio links are kept as active radio links. Hence radio links can be easily added and removed. This helps in many ways as mentioned below.

-Alternate radio link helps by exploiting antenna diversity concepts (refer diversity page to know more)
-Call drop rate can be drastically reduced.
-It helps in smooth handover without any interruption in call/data flow.

Soft handover - handover between two sectors of the same cell of a NodeB is called soft handover.

Softer handover - handover between two cells (different NodeB) is called softer handover. There are two types of softer handover viz. Intra RNC and Inter RNC handovers.

Reference - 3GPP TS 25.331

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