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Difference between Modular Switch and Normal switch | Modular Switch vs Non-modular switch

This page compares Modular Switch vs Normal switch (i.e. Non-modular switch) and describes difference between Modular Switch and Normal switch.

As we know electrical switches are devices which are used to interrupt flow of electric current. They are binary devices which can be in one of the two states either ON or OFF. Switch can be used to make or break the electric circuit.

Based on specifications electric switches are categorized into SPST (single pole single throw), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw). Moreover based on usage switches are categorized into "Do not disturb switch", "Light Dimmer" and "Bell Push Switch".

Modular Switch vs Normal Switch

Based on Interior decor requirement and customized user requirements, switches are categorized into modular and normal switch. The figure depicts both modular vs normal switch. Modular switches are preferred for safety concerns and luxury requirements over conventional non modular switches.

Difference between modular switch and non-modular switch

Following table mentions difference between modular and non-modular switch.

Features Modular Switch Non-Modular Switch
Metal screws and wiring cables Not required Required
Risk of Electric shock No Yes
Configuration Can be customized and hence meets changing needs of consumers Fixed and requires to be replaced to meet changing needs of consumers
Installation Very simple Complex
Interior decoration It is highly recommended for decoration of home and office. It is not recommended but can be used.
Life Span More Less

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