GaN vs GaAs-Difference between GaN and GaAs

The table-1 below compares GaN vs GaAs and describes difference between GaN and GaAs materials.

Parameter GaN GaAs
Full form Gallium Nitride Gallium Arsenide
Power Density (Output) 4 to 8 Wattt/mm 0.5 to 1.5 Watt/mm
Operating Voltage 28 to 48 Volt 5 to 20 Volt
Breakdown voltage > 100 Volt 20 to 40 Volt
Current (Maximum) About 1 Ampere/mm About 0.5 Ampere/mm
Thermal Conductivity 390 (z), 490 (SiC) 47
Radiation Resistant performance Better Lesser

Following are the derivations from Table-1 above.
➨GaN has higher breakdown voltage as well as higher power densities in comparison to GaAs and Si.
➨GaN is better in radiation resistant compare to GaAs and hence used in space applications.
➨GaN ideal for smaller devices due to high power densities due to reduction capacitance value.
➨With GaN high impedances and wider bandwidths can be achieved.
➨GaN results into smaller size and lesser cost.
➨GaN based devices require less cooling and are light in weight.

GaN Power Amplifier vs GaAs Power Amplifier - Difference between GaN Power Amplifier and GaAs Power Amplifier

The table-2 below compares GaN Power Amplifier vs GaAs Power Amplifier mentions difference between GaN Power Amplifier and GaAs Power Amplifier.

Parameter GaN Power Amplifier GaAs Power Amplifier
Spectral Regrowth for 400W SSPA Ku band frequency for operating power of 55 dBm -30.3 dBc -28.6 dBc
TOI (Third Order Intermodulation) with operating power of 52 dBm -31.63 dBc -27.50 dBc
AM/PM Conversion 1.5o/dB (at 55dBm operating power), 0.5o/dB (at 52dBm operating power) 2.5o/dB (at 55dBm operating power), 1.0o/dB (at 52dBm operating power)
Weight 30KG 80KG
Volume 29 dm3 142 dm3
Energy consumption 2200 Watt 3500 Watt

Following are the derivations from Table-2 above. The results are derived from research conducted by Advantech Wireless Inc. For more information one can reach Website
➨GaN power amplifier(SSPA) perform better by 2dB compare to GaAs power amplifier(400W SSPA Ku band).
➨TOI performance of GaN is better by approx. 1 dB compare to GaAs SSPA of same specification.
➨AM/PM is better i.e. less distortion for GaN Power Amplifier compare to GaAs Power Amplifier.
➨Weight, Volume (i.e. size) and energy consumption of GaN power amplifier is far better compare to GaAs power amplifier.

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