DTMB vs CMMB | Difference between DTMB and CMMB

This page compares DTMB vs CMMB and mentions difference between DTMB and CMMB with respect to various parameters.

Introduction: DTMB and CMMB are multimedia broadcasting techniques used in Republic of China. DTMB is digital TV standard used in mobile and fixed devices. CMMB is mobile TV and multimedia standard developed/specified in China under mobile scenario.

Parameters DTMB CMMB
Full Name Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting
Modulation OFDM (1.5 MHz) OFDM 2/8 MHz
Resolution Upto high definition 1080i Low definition of 320p
Usage or Application Terrestrial and Mobile television Mobile television
Frequency band UHF and VHF Bands in MHz range 2.6 GHz
Channels SD channels (6 to 15), HD channels (1 or 2) 25 video channels, 30 audio channels
HDTV broadcast Supported Not supported as CMMB uses QCIF or QVGA
Usage Small screen devices in mobile scenario Large screen devices in fixed scenario

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