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DMR vs dPMR | difference between DMR and dPMR NXDN NexEdge

This page compares DMR vs dPMR and mentions difference between DMR and dPMR/NXDN/NexEdge radio technologies. DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and dPMR stands for Digital Private Mobile Radio.

Following table mentions difference between DMR and dPMR radio technologies.

Specifications DMR dPMR
Full Form Digital Mobile Radio Digital Private Mobile Radio
Resource Allocation It uses 2 time slots over 12.5 KHz channel to provide two communication paths It uses FDMA to divide 12.5 KHz channel into two separate subchannels each of 6.25 KHz bandwidth
Access Technique TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access)
Modes DMR is categorized into three tiers Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-III based on features, Refer DMR Tier-1 to 3➤. There two modes in dPMR viz. tier 2, mode 2 and tier 2, mode 3
Migration from analog FM The migration from analog FM system is simple and requires 1 repeater, 1 antenna and 1 duplexer as it uses same frequency channels with same bandwidth Nigration from analog system to dPMR needs two repeater, one for each of the 6.25 KHz channels, extra RF combiners to merge both in order to utilize single Base Station transceiver or single antenna.
Cost Due to less hardware it is cheaper solution when need to migrate Due to extra hardware requirements, it is costly when it comes to migrate from analog FM.
ETSI standard references TS 102 361-1 to 4 documents TS 102 490, TS 102 658

NXDN and NexEdge are similar radio technologies as dPMR.

Link to DMR tutorial

DMR network architecture

This tutorial covers basics of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) system. It mentions features of DMR Radio. It mentions DMR network architecture, DMR air interface, DMR channel types, advantages of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) etc. Refer DMR tutorial➤.

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