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Difference between Coherent light and Incoherent light

This page compares Coherent light vs Incoherent light and mentions difference between Coherent light and Incoherent light.

Coherent Light

Coherent Light

• Light which consists of only one single frequency or very close to one frequency is known as coherent light.
• It looks to human eye as very pure color.
• Examples: Light emitted by lasers and LEDs
• The figure-1 depicts coherent light emitted by laser device. It is shown by waves which combine in phase to add up to relatively high irradiance.

Incoherent Light

Incoherent Light

• Light which consists of many frequencies and wavelengths is known as incoherent light.
• It is also known as noncoherent light.
• Example: Light emitted by Bulb
• The figure-2 depicts incoherent light emitted by incandescent light bulb. These light waves will combine with lots of different phases which nearly cancel out and yield very low irradiance.

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