Class G vs Class H-Difference between Class G and Class H Amplifier

There are various types of amplifier classes. It include Class A, Class B, Class AB, Class C, Class G and Class H. In this page we will compare both Class G amplifier vs Class H amplifier and mentions difference between Class G and Class H amplifier types.
Refer difference between class A,B,AB and C types.

Class G Amplifier

• Class G amplifiers are similar to class-AB type of amplifier.

• The difference is that it uses two or more supply voltages. Under low signal levels, it uses low supply voltage. When signal level increases, class G amplifier automatically selects appropriate supply voltage for its operation.

• Class G amplifier type is more eficient compare to class AB amplifier type. This is due to the fact that class G type uses max. supply when really needed while class AB type always makes use of max. supply voltage.

Class H Amplifier

•  Class H amplifier modulates supply voltage for devices connected at the output of amplifier. This results into supply voltage always less than necessary in order to support signal swing.

• This will help reduce dissipation across output devices connected with supply. Hence amplifier will operate at efficiency equivalent to optimized class AB efficiency irrespective of output power level.

• Class H amplifiers are usually more complex compare to other amplifier designs. This is because class-H needs extra control circuits to predict and to control supply voltage.

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