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R&S CMU200 vs Agilent 8960

This page on CMU200 versus Agilent 8960 describes difference between R & S CMU200 and Agilent 8960 used for GSM mobile phone testing and for other wireless standard device testing.

Feature R&S CMU200 Agilent 8960
Technologies supported Supports WCDMA,HSPA,
RF Frequency
range supported
10 MHz to
2.7 GHz
292 MHz to
2.7 GHz
Output power level -130 dBm
up to 13 dBm
-110 to
13 dBm
VSWR less than 1.2
for frequency 10 MHz to
2000 MHz range.
About 1.2:1
(for frequency range
400 to 2000 MHz)
Channel power accuracy Varies between
0.6 to 1.5 dB based
on RF frequency
+/- 1 dB
RF Vector
signal Generation and
Vector signal analysis,
Supported Supported
RF/conformance tests Supports various
GSM measurements
and GPRS tests
(multi slot, AMR,
Test mode A and Test mode B)
for testing mobile. Supports call set up and call release features.
Used for RF
parametric measurements,
as network emulation,
RF conformance test of mobile
devices. Supports call
set up and call
release features.
For more on Mobile Conformance
test specifications visit our page GSM measurements.
For more visit website www.rohde-schwarz.com/ www.agilent.com/

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