CFP vs CXP-Difference between CFP transceiver,CXP transceiver

This page compares CFP transceiver vs CXP transceiver and mentions difference between CFP transceiver and CXP transceiver.

CFP Transceiver

CFP vs CFP2 vs CFP4 vs CFP8

Refer types of CFP interfaces >>.

CXP Transceiver

CXP Transceiver

There are various types of CFP transceivers viz. CFP, CFP2, CFP4 and CFP8. We will consider CFP and CXP for comparison.

Specifications CFP Transceiver CXP Transceiver
Front panel density (1 RU) 4 Ports 12 ports
Electrical signaling (GB/s) 10 x 10 CAUI-10 10 x 10 CPPI
Media MMF. SMF Twinax, MMF
Power consumption < 24 W (100 Gbase-LR4)
< 20 W (2nd generation CFP)
< 6 W (100Gbase-SR10)
Dimension CFP is 82mm wide as shown in the figure. CXP is 27 mm wide as shown in the figure.

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