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C band satellite bandwidth | Ku band satellite bandwidth

This page describes satellite bandwidth basics. It mentions C band satellite bandwidth and Ku band satellite bandwidth.

Satellite is used for providing communication to remote areas where laying cable is not feasible solution. It covers wide region of the earth.

There are different types of satellites such as LEO, MEO and GEO. Each of these satellites operate in various frequency bands and are used for various applications. Satellites operate in various frequency bands viz. C band, Ku band, Ka band, L band etc.
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C band Satellite bandwidth

C Band Satellite Bandwidth

• C band satellite has uplink frequency in the range from 5925 to 6425 MHz and downlink in the range from 3700 to 4200 MHz.
• Different satellites have different number of transponders. Each of this transponder occupy part of the total satellite bandwidth (BW) i.e. 500 MHz.
• Figure-1 depicts transponder channels with each utilizing 36 MHz of bandwidth from the total BW of 500 MHz.
• The guard band of 4 MHz is provided between transponders to avoid interference.

Ku band Satellite bandwidth

Ku Band Satellite Bandwidth

• Ku band satellite has uplink frequency in the range from 14000 to 14500 MHz and downlink in the range from 11700 to 12200 MHz.
• Figure-2 depicts total 24 transponders with each utilizing 36 MHz from total bandwidth of 500 MHz.
• There are 24 transponders in the uplink and 24 in the downlink direction.

The number of transponders and their respective bandwidth vary in different satellites.

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