Branch Line Coupler S-Matrix | Branch Line Coupler scattering matrix

This page describes Branch Line Coupler S-Matrix (scattering matrix). It also covers basics of Branch Line Coupler along with its S-matrix.

What is Branch Line Coupler?

• It is lossless 4 port hybrid device.
• All the four ports are matched.
• The device is reciprocal and hence S-matrix is symmetric.
• Port-1 is input port, port-2 is output port, port-3 is coupled port and port-4 is isolated port.

Branch Line Coupler

• The figure-1 depicts Branch Line Coupler.
• It is also known as quadrature hybrid or 90o hybrid.
• Refer 90 degree hybrid vs 180 degree hybrid >> for more information.

Branch Line Coupler S-Matrix

The Branch Line Coupler S-matrix is as follows.

Branch Line Coupler S-Matrix

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