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BHCC vs BHCA-Difference between BHCC and BHCA

This page on BHCC(Busy Hour Call Completions) vs BHCA(Busy Hour Call Attempts) describes difference between BHCC and BHCA.

Busy hour is usually known as particular time during which telephone network experiences maximum or peak load.

BHCC(Busy Hour Call Completions)

The BHCC refers to capacity of one Private Branch Exchange to establish the calls between the users. For the telephone trunks having 0% blocking BHCC related to BHCA as follows:
Where, ASR = Attempt Seizure Ratio or Answer Seizure Ratio

ASR refers to probability of a call to get free traffic channel and call to be completed. It is usually measured after the complete operations. It is typically taken between 0.65 to 0.8.

BHCA(Busy Hour Call Attempts)

The time period during which max. call attempts are made is referred as BHCA.

BHCC is measured as calls carried out in busy hour. BHCC is usually less than BHCA. BHCC does not consider unsuccessful calls made.

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