Arduino vs Raspberry Pi-difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi

This page compares Arduino vs Raspberry Pi and mentions tabular difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Arduino Uno Board

• It uses AVR ATmega328p microcontroller device.
• The Arduino Uno consists of RAM, Flash memory, timers, serial (UART) device, I2C, SPI, I/O connectors etc.
• It uses IDE to code the program. Interpreter, Operating System and firmware are not needed. The c code is compiled in the machine language and will be run on the microcontroller available on the arduino board.
• The program is written to control the hardware directly

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

• It is basically a single board computer.
• It supports audio, video, ethernet, HDMI, USB, SD card, GPIO pins etc.
• The program is written and run on the operating system which controls the hardware if needed. Typically linux is used as operating system.

Following table mentions difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Specifications Arduino Uno Raspberry Pi
Functionality It funtions as microcontroller. It functions as microprocessor,
Refer Microcontroller vs Microprocessor>>.
Processor AVR ATmega328p Broadcom ARM1176JZF-S
Speed of clock used 16 MHz 700 MHz
Width of register 8 bit 32 bit
Max. RAM size 2K 512 MB
GPIO pins 20 8
I/O current maximum 40 mA 5 to 10 mA
Power consumption 175 mWatt 700 mWatt
Operating System Not used Linux and other OSs are used

➨As microcontrollers have very strong I/O capabilities and hence can help drive external hardware directly in arduino board.
➨The microprocessors have weak I/O pins and hence Raspberry Pi board requires external transistors to drive the hardware.
➨Microprocessors have good amount of processing capabilities and hence Raspberry Pi.
➨Arduino Board is suitable for projects requiring LCDs, Sensors and Motors.
➨Raspberry Pi is suitable for projects requiring video or cameras, complex math and graphics interface etc.
➨Both have got their specific applications in electronics world. For applications requiring more control capabilities, Arduino is preferable and for applications requiring more processing capabilities, Raspberry Pi is preferable to be used.

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